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Guest blog by Sylvie Gouin

Meditation Classes 

A friend once said:  “If I meditated half the time I think about meditation, I would have mastered it by now!” I think many of us can relate to this statement. We know that meditation is gaining in popularity because it works, yet we still face many of the same issues that somehow prevent us from implementing the practice. Aspects such as: finding (or making) the time, moving beyond distractions and understanding what it is that we are trying to do or not do remain some of our biggest obstacles to daily practice. These reasons are very common and most of us highly benefit from getting together with a group once in a while to clarify our understanding, ignite and keep our interest awake and generate momentum. And, this is what these four-week sessions are designed to do. One, they provide you with an opportunity to deeply relax and release tension. This in itself is restorative and therefore, energizing. Two, they offer structure, which encourages commitment and supports motivation.  These classes are open to all levels of experience and non-experience. Everyone is welcome, and the only belief required to benefit from the classes is that we each have the potential to let go of tension and experience a little peace. 

Hope to see you at class!

Sylvie Gouin

Next four-week session begins Sunday May 25th from 6:45-7:45PM. Visit this link for details

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