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Strong Foundations + Movement Optimization = Barrier Breakthroughs
multi-disciplinary performance clinic

Who We Are

Continuum Fitness & Movement Performance is a results-driven multi-disciplinary clinic that elevates active individuals to the next level. We provide human movement solutions via coaching and therapy to help you move better and feel better.

multi-disciplinary performance clinic

Strong Foundations

Continuum Fitness provides movement solutions, strategies and individualized programming for your unique goals, while optimizing biochemical efficiency for functional performance outcomes.  A strong foundation brings your movement proficiency to the next level.


We offer purposeful and streamlined treatments and programs that are effective, customized, and functional. We empower individuals to help feel better and move better. Our team provides education, practical tools,
results-driven strategies, and proven systems to help you move and feel your best.

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| Meet Our Team

Saraha and John Zahab

Our experienced and educated professionals fuse theory, practical knowledge, and proven strategies, in addition to our own active lifestyles, to help you move better and feel better.  Our team offers therapy, restorative exercise, customized comprehensive training plans, and one-on-one coaching to optimize physical health and performance, decrease potential injuries, perfect exercise form and technique, correct muscle imbalances, and improve movement capability.