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Our renowned coaches design custom strength and mobility programs based on in-depth assessments, including manual muscle testing, movement screens, and alignment and breathing evaluations. They will also consult closely with you to understand your physical history and fitness goals, ensuring that we set you up for success.

Athletic Therapy

Athletic therapists specialize in preventing, assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries, particularly those related to sports. Our registered professionals can help you quickly recover post-injury, and regain mobility and strength post-surgery. Their hands-on approach also addresses acute muscle and joint pain, discomfort and imbalances, so you can return to the active life you love.

Therapy Services
Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapists assess and treat physical dysfunction and pain in soft tissue and joints. Working primarily through hands-on manipulation, our therapists release tension and stress, improve range of motion, increase circulation and enhance recovery from injury. Their expert care results in better mobility and well-being, offering you optimal performance and greater quality of life.

Registered Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are primary healthcare professionals who use hands-on techniques to treat injuries and persistent pain. Through a thorough musculoskeletal examination, and by assessing any previous diagnostic tests or imaging, our registered physiotherapists will diagnose your injury, and deliver a treatment plan to help you recover mobility and return to physical activity. Based on this initial assessment, we will develop a treatment plan together. It will center around a personalized home exercise program designed to address body areas that may need additional strength, mobility, and motor coordination. This program will be gradually progressed over time to optimize your recovery and to achieve your goals. Your treatment plan may also involve hands-on techniques, performed by your physiotherapist, to help with muscles and joints that are painful or not moving normally. This can include soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, and dry needling. These hands-on techniques can be especially helpful for patients who are experiencing significant pain or movement barriers that make exercise difficult.


Many extended health benefit plans cover Registered Physiotherapy. Please check your plan first. Registered Physiotherapy can be claimed as a medical expense.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not assess or treat WSIB or Motor Vehicle Accident claims/clients.