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Guest Post by Emily Gold (Little Lotus Yoga)

Benefits of Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga.

Most people rarely have one word to describe their pregnant or postnatal period.   Often they are both times of mixed emotions with highs and lows, stresses and joys.   For many women they aren’t a time of balance and often don’t allow for much time for self-care! Prenatal and postnatal (mom and baby) yoga with Little Lotus Yoga at Continuum Fitness are a great way to take some time for yourself and your baby. Read on to learn about some of the many benefits.

Improved posture and positions: Did you know that some body positions during labour and delivery can lead to faster labour progression as well as reduced pain? At prenatal yoga you will learn numerous positions that can be utilized to encourage baby’s movement and reduce pressure and pain. At a mom and baby yoga class you will learn restorative stretches and poses that can help reduce the aches and pains associated with breastfeeding and wearing or carrying a baby! Both prenatal and mom and baby yoga focus on refining posture to strengthen back and shoulders that may be slouching during pregnancy, or when wearing a baby or pushing a shoulder.

Increase strength: Yoga is a safe and effective exercise you can do throughout your pregnancy and during the postnatal period. Prenatal yoga is adapted to meet the specific needs of pregnant women, and sequences work to strengthen the entire body, to prepare it for the physical work involved in labour. Mom and baby yoga is designed to meet the specific needs of the postnatal body, revitalizing, gently toning and strengthening to help a woman safely return to physical activity.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness, the practice of remaining aware of the present while remaining non-judgmental, is an invaluable tool for birth and parenthood.   By remaining mindful during your labour you can improve your confidence, reduce stress, find space to relax during labour and develop skills to cope with pain. Mindfulness means less stress and relaxed parents have more relaxed babies, by practicing such techniques you can pass on these invaluable skills to your baby. Both prenatal and mom and baby yoga classes with LLY at Continuum Fitness include a mindfulness component for reduced stressed and improved focus.

Awareness of Body and Self: Being able to listen to your body is one of the greatest skills a woman can bring to her birth, and yoga helps us sharpen this skill.   Society often asks us to ignore our body; sit when our back aches to stand and stretch, awaken when we want to turn in and sleep, keep moving when we want to be still. Yoga, on the other hand, asks you to listen to your own body, discovering your own limits and moving into a pose in a way that feels beneficial to you.   At a prenatal yoga class you will develop techniques to listen more clearly to the cues your body is telling you now, so that when labour begins you can hear those cues and best respond to them.

Bonding with your baby- Whether you baby is in your belly, being worn, in a carrier or on your mat, yoga is a great opportunity for bonding! Prenatal yoga classes focus on breathing techniques to enhance your connection with your baby. Mom and Baby yoga classes include lots of opportunity to interact with you baby, working with them during poses and focusing on breathing techniques they will respond to and enjoy. Plus there is time for yoga and massage for baby too!

Whether you are a novice yogi or have been practicing yoga for years prenatal and mom and baby yoga with Little Lotus Yoga at Continuum Fitness is a great addition to your prenatal and postnatal wellness and self-care!   Both classes will be taught by Emily Gold, a registered yoga teacher and trained Doula. You can learn more about Emily at: and sign up for classes at:

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