Continuum Fitness & Movement Performance – Registered Kinesiologist Ottawa

Covid-19 Guidelines

Please note that your health and the health of our team are of utmost importance to us. We are strictly abiding by the regulations set out by our respective regulatory bodies and adhering to guidelines set out by Ottawa Public Health and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

New changes to our workspace. We will:
Ÿ- Wear surgical masks throughout your appointment and may also wear nitrile gloves if required.
Ÿ- Wash our hands (including forearms and elbows) before and after each appointment and use hand sanitizer throughout sessions if required.
Ÿ- Thoroughly disinfect tables and equipment after each use with a triple wipe method using Health Canada approved disinfectants. High touch surfaces such as
doorknobs will be disinfected multiple times daily.
Ÿ- Ensure there is ample time between appointments to avoid having clients in our waiting area and to allow for sufficient cleaning and drying time.
Ÿ- Open windows and leave doors open for sufficient airflow when possible and/or use air purifiers with HEPA filters.
Ÿ- Reconfigure our workspace layout to allow for physical distancing.
Ÿ- Maintain a register of all visitors (non client/patient) to assist in contact tracing if deemed necessary.
Ÿ- Shift our documentation to paperless and avoid sharing paper, pens etc.
Ÿ- Waive our cancellation fee if you feel unwell leading up to your appointment. Please cancel your appointment at any time and avoid coming in if you are ill.

Before your appointment, please:
– Complete the online COVID-19 pre-screen questionnaire before your appointment. Your appointment may be rescheduled due to your answers to the
questionnaire. You will be screened again upon arriving for your appointment.
-Ÿ Bring and wear a reusable or disposable mask. Masks will be required to be worn throughout the entire duration of your appointment. If you don’t have a mask, a
cloth mask will be provided to you. You may also purchase a surgical mask for a small fee. Masks are currently mandatory during healthcare appointments as
directed by our regulatory colleges.
-Ÿ Upon arrival, please wash your hands at the sink or sanitize your hands. Please place your belongings in the provided bin (keys, water bottles etc.). This bin will be
disinfected before/after each use.
-Ÿ Please arrive as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible and arrive alone if possible.
– ŸConsider paying by e-transfer. Our terminal will be available behind plexiglass for your protection and our unit will be sanitized after each use.
For more information on what to expect from your massage therapy appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic, please click here.
Virtual appointments are still available with John and Sarah. You can schedule your appointments here..
We look forward to seeing you when you are ready. As always, we are eager to help you move forward along your health continuum!