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Embrace Your Pace – guest post by Karelle Edwards

We have had the privilege to work with Karelle, an incredible athlete and person! She is a Mental Performance Consultant offering bilingual services virtually. If you’re an athlete looking for additional support, please reach out to Karelle.


Performance consulting services

Embrace Your Pace Performance is committed to providing support, guidance and tools to help you improve your wellbeing and optimize your performance.My name is Karelle Edwards, and I am professional 100 meter hurdler and a 5-time Team Canada member. My journey has been far from linear. In 2008, I suffered a back injury that kept me off the track for 3 years. During this period, I worked on my physical recovery with countless specialists. Although I made a successful return to the track in 2012, I experienced higher performance anxiety and self-doubt, struggled with low-confidence and developed a fear of re-injuring myself. Because of the “toughen up” culture in sports, no attention was paid to the mental aspect of my recovery.

This is why I have made it my mission to support athletes by normalizing performance-related mental issues and providing the tools and resources they need to manage, cope with and overcome performance barriers. I am a mental performance consultant who offers individual and team consultations as well as workshops. I believe that we can all reach our full potential and experience a more fulfilling life with the right tools and support. I create a space where clients can be themselves and where they are treated as whole persons and not just athletes. Let’s work on our mental fitness just as we do our physical health!

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