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Core Exercises – which ones are best?

I’m often asked by many new moms, what are the best core exercises to perform to get my abs back?  It’s a difficult question to answer, and to be honest, there isn’t one perfect one size fits all answer that will work for everyone.

It’s kind of like going jean shopping and asking the sales person, what’s the best pair of jeans that you have?  I’m sure the sales person would have a difficult time answering.  You have to take into consideration your body type, price range, function, overall style and comfort among other things.

Exercises are kind of the same.   Before I prescribe exercises, I go through a musculoskeletal assessment.  For the core, I’ll test the strength of the core, if a diastasis occurred and take into consideration your goals, previous workout experience, fitness level, injuries, use of various modalities, time restraints, other activities, etc.

Nutrition also plays a large role when it comes to weight loss and changing your physique.  Some experts would argue that nutrition accounts for 70% of your body composition goals.

Now that we have all that covered, some good core exercises include the plank, the 5 point draw in and lying draw ins.  For best results, I would recommend working one on one with a certified trainer who can assess and customize a workout just for you.  The can also provide you with progressions, variations, and options to ensure your workouts are effective, progressing and tailored just for you.

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