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"Sarah Zahab is a phenomenal personal trainer. I began working with her four years ago, after starting and dropping more gym memberships than I care to count. I was in mediocre physical condition, I was rarely in great health, and I had lost confidence in my ability to exercise properly or regularly. Sarah's approach was exactly what I needed: she is positive, upbeat, and encouraging, and she believes in your ability to accomplish your goals even when you're not sure yourself. She has a knack for knowing what you're capable of and setting your goal just a few inches beyond, gradually building up your strength and endurance and reinforcing it week after week. She is never demanding; but she helps you become extremely demanding of yourself. Best of all, her character and integrity are the equal of her personality and work ethic. It's no exaggeration to say that today, I'm in the best shape of my life, and the confidence I acquired through our training programs helped me start and maintain a better nutritional program that has helped me lose 20 pounds in a matter of months. Without reservation, I recommend Sarah Zahab as a personal trainer for anyone who wants to be a healthier person." Jordan F

"I have been privileged to participate in both small group strength training as well as individualized coaching sessions with Sarah Zahab over the past four years. Sarah and her family's active lifestyle provide a true role model for all! She brings a professional yet caring approach to her practice. In a group setting, the sessions are accessible to all where different levels of exercises are offered based on individualized needs. In a one on one, Sarah encourages you to push yourself to the maximum in a manner that is challenging and rewarding. Her positive and energetic outlook regardless of your physical ability encourages you to achieve your personal goals. Without question, I would recommend Sarah as a fitness coach and mentor."

Debi Zaret - capacitybuildingconsulting.ca

"Sarah listens. Sarah cares. Sarah encourages. Do what she says and your body will rehabilitate, strengthen and become fit. When I first went to Sarah I had many chronic body pains and weaknesses from injuries. A year later I rarely feel those pains. An individualized program targeting the areas weakened through injury has strengthened them. I can now work on overall body strength without thinking I will re injure myself. Sarah also worked with my physiotherapist to design programs that complemented his treatments." Hilary Casey

I absolutely LOVE your class. You are an amazing fitness instructor - without a doubt THE best I've ever encountered - upbeat, creative, time passes so quickly I can't believe the 45 mins are over. I find there are great options; some of the exercises are a little challenging for me, even the lowest impact option, but I'm good at balancing between what my mind really wants to be able to do and what my body tells me is realistic at this moment! I find I'm getting stronger every day." S. F.

"I started working with John a month after surgery. In the three months that we worked together, I made huge gains in strength, and truly believe I went to camp in the best shape possible. John is extremely positive and professional in the work he does. It is a privilege to work with him." Kyle Wharton, professional hockey player

"I had shoulder surgery in February 2007, and I couldn't be any happier with the professionalism, results, the program and the work I did with John Zahab. John was a huge part of my quick rehabilitation, strength and success I've had since the surgery. Thank you so much for helping me get back on the ice healthier then ever. You are truly the BEST at what you do. I could never thank you enough." Serge Payer

To find out more about Serge: www.sergepayerfoundation.org

"John often says that one of the best ways to clear a room of endurance athletes is to mention strength training. Unfortunately, this is often true and the potential performance gains are lost as well as the increased risk of injury due to lack of functional strengthening. After following Johns' programs for several years now, I certainly can't imagine not incorporating this into my schedule (it's become as important as the bike, swim and run)! Being an athlete himself, not only does John invest a lot of time making sure the program is the right fit for the client, he also cares deeply about the outcome."

Ryan Grant, professional triathlete and co-owner/operator Solefit Orthotics.

To find out more about Ryan: www.solefit.ca