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Soup’s On!

We love making soup from scratch here at the Zahab household and we’ll usually whip up a batch once or twice a week (usually on the weekends).  It’s chilly outside today and calls for a warm bowl of veggie soup (most of our soups are some variation of veggie soup).  It’s so easy and no bouillon is required!

We start in the morning and chop of onions, celery, carrot and whatever else we might have and saute them in olive oil and add some garlic and spices.  Once they are soft, add water and let it simmer on low all day – there’s your stock!  Closer to mealtime, we’ll add more veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) and beans and serve over brown rice/brown rice pasta or plain.  Yum!

A great money saving tip I picked up is to freeze the ends of celery, carrots, cabbage and other veggies and on soup day, add the leftovers in.

Here’s what went into today’s soup:

1 leek

2 turnips

2 carrots

5 stalks of celery

3 cloves or garlic

All of the above sautéed in olive oil and spices (unrefined grey sea salt, pepper, dried oregano and red pepper flakes from our garden).  The house smells amazing!

Later, I’ll add

1 celeriac root

1/2 head of both broccoli and cauliflower

The prepping takes about 30 minutes, beautiful!  If you’d like to learn more about adding whole, clean foods into your diet, join us for our Whole Foods Nutrition Workshop with the amazing Sylvie Gouin.  You can register here


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